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Looking Forward

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

While the world has looked a bit different since we attended the ASSA Western Conference in San Diego during January 2020, the economists at John Ward Economics have been busier than ever! We've been able to adjust to efficiently working in newly renovated home and onsite offices, updating computer hardware and attending conferences remotely.

Website Updates

The John Ward Economics’ website has a new look. Our current retention forms and publications are still easily found on the new site. We have added new content highlighting the activity of our members and the history of the organization.

Virtual Connections

It has become clear that remote testimony, especially for deposition, is the new norm. Over the last two year, Drs. Ward, Krueger, and Rogers have each testified remotely dozens of times over various platforms (e.g., Zoom, WebEx, Veritext, etc.) without technical problems. Ms. Hiles has provided remote social security vocational expert testimony and vocational evaluation and planning (e.g., telephone, Zoom, etc.). We expect these trends to continue and our retention forms have been updated to reflect them.

Face-to-Face Meetings

While remote depositions are now the most common form of testimony, Drs. Ward and Krueger still provide in-person depositions at our Prairie Village, KS location when requested. Our office conference room at 8340 Mission Rd Ste 235, Prairie Village, KS 66206 is also available to legal professionals for depositions. Dr. Rogers, who is located in the Saint Louis metropolitan area, will meet at an agreeable location: typically, at one of the court reporter's offices in downtown Saint Louis or Saint Charles, MO.

Centrally Located

As travel options have opened back up for all activities, our central locations on the western and eastern sides of Missouri, allow us to continue providing expert testimony in Local, State and Federal courts across the nation. In 2022, we have already testified in Texas, Nevada, Missouri, Kansas and Wisconsin.

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Working at John Ward Economics

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